The Conference offers work sessions at Plenary Meetings, featuring specialists in the fields of art, artistic education and illustration. This format will allow us to reflect upon the topics suggested at the Conference.

Guest Speakers

Henrique Cayatte
Designer, illustrator and teacher with extensive work in the editorial area. Founder and author of the global design, editor and illustrator of the daily journal “Público” until the year 2000. Co-author of the communication system of signage for EXPO 98 in Lisbon. He was responsible for the design of the Portugal pavilions at the Universal Exhibition of Expo 98, in Hannover 2000 and in Aichi Japan 2005. Commissioner and designer of exhibitions such as “Cassiano Branco building for the future”, “Freedom and citizenship 100 Portuguese years”, “Portuguese Engineering 20th century” and “1990/2004 Architecture and design of Portugal” at the Triennale in Milan. Designer of the magazine “Egoísta”, “Diário de Notícias” (until February 2007), “Cube”, among other publications. Author of the overall design of the new Portuguese electronic passport and of the citizen card. Elected member of direction of design [BEDA The Bureau of European Design Associations]. Visiting Professor at the University. President of the Portuguese Centre of Design.


Marisol Anguita
Early childhood education teacher. At the present time she’s got a master course “Visual Arts and Education: a Constructionist Approach” in the section of Cultural Pedagogies of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Barcelona. I am part of the group of the Educational Perspective of the Projects (PEPT) of the Institute of Sciences of the Education of the University of Barcelona. Trainer of the Educational Perspective of the Projects (PEPT), from which I try to reinvent other routes linked to innovation and change in the school. Author of various publications related to innovation in the school linked to the PEPT, mathematical culture of the people, the desire for change and social creativity. I understand education as an enabler landscape which allows people to think with each other and build stories to transform us. A school as horizon territory, which makes it possible to be in a shared creation. That invites a contagion that will fuse, which links and confuse in a shared movement.


Francisco Providência
Graduated in Communication Design at FBAUP (Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade do Porto). He was distinguished by the Fundação Antonio de Almeida and was a fellow of the Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian. With atelier since 1985, he was distinguished by the CPD (Portuguese Design Centre) with the ‘National Prize of Design’. As professional has developed activities in identity design, editorial design, furniture, urban equipment and museography. He was Design  Director of the editorial childhood “Civilization”. Was illustrator of the JN (Jornal Notícias) newspaper between 2006 and 2011. He was Professor of Design and Photography at the FBAUP and Drawing in FAUP (Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade do Porto). He’s now Professor at the University of Aveiro, where he is the Head of the Design Master. He is a national and international lecturer of design and develops his scientific activity by ID+. He participated in several international exhibitions on behalf of Portugal (ICEP, CPD, Presidency of the Republic). He is consultant of CPD. He is adviser member of the Bienal Iberoamérica of Design (DIMAD). He was awarded with the “Red Dot” (2008). The Museum of Penafiel, was drawn by him and it was selected for the best European Museum of the year EMYA and have been distinguished as the best Portuguese Museum APOM (2009).


Eileen Adams
Is a freelance consultant whose work links art, design, environment and education. She has worked as a teacher, teacher educator, researcher, consultant, examiner and writer. Her teaching experience spans all levels, including primary and secondary schools, higher education and professional development. She has served as an external examiner in four higher education institutions and as Deputy Chief Examiner for the International Baccalaureate. Research, development and publications have focused on built environment education, art and design education, inter-professional collaboration in education, young people’s participation in environmental change, the school as a learning environment, public art and drawing as a medium for learning. Her work on education has been disseminated in courses and conferences in 23 countries.
For the last ten years, Eileen has worked with The Campaign for Drawing to develop education and professional development programmes. These have involved educators in schools, museums, galleries, heritage sites and community settings, and have focused on learning through drawing. She currently leads a mentoring programme for The Campaign for Drawing, the aim of which is to embed the use of drawing as a medium for learning in educators’ practice.  She is also a Commissioner for the Design Commission for Wales.