The Conference suggests Practical Workshop sessions, led by illustrators and educational agents. These sessions will be used as a platform where projects will be developed around the Conference topics.

July 23rd – 3 p.m. to 6 p.m

Joana Quental
Licensed in Communication Design (mainly dedicated to illustration) and Professor in Department of Communication and Art at the University of Aveiro. In 2009 she completed her PhD in Design under the title “The illustration as a process and thinking. Authorship and interpretation”. She has participated in conferences, seminars and exhibitions. Her interests in research dues to illustration as a privilege mean of communication with children. She presents a vast work in this area, having been awarded with several prizes of which stands a honourable mention in the National Competition of Children’s Illustration promoted by IPLB and IBBY (1997).

From words to design: the visible and the invisible in the process of illustration.

This workshop aims to bring participants into contact with the process of presentation of the meanings of words, a process that has as its starting point in the reading and interpretation of a text, evolving trough the understanding of the program (brief), planning a storyboard, and finally, designing the illustration.

- To interpret a brief on its conditions and in the anticipation of expected results;
- To develop a discourse by the use of illustration, adapting the expression used to the brief, by exploring the literal and lateral thinking;
- Identify the records denotative and connotative of an illustration;
- Understand the figurative processes (figures of speech) underlying the draft illustration.
- Be able to plan and develop a design project using illustration.

Techniques to use:
- Collage
- Use of graphite

Material to bring the participants:
- Rubber, vinyl glue, pencils, graphite, etc.
- Paper or cardboard, papers with different textures and used magazines.

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July 24th – 3 p.m. to 6 p.m

André da Loba
Despite his short career, André da Loba is one of emerging illustrators of the current world scene, having already seen his work awarded by the Society of Illustrators in New York, by the American Illustration, by the Bologna Book Fair; or distinguished by publications such as the magazines 3X3, CMYK or Lurzer’s Archive, which was recently selected as one of 200 best illustrators worldwide in 2010. Is still frequent collaborator of New York Times and of the Times Magazine, as well as other periodicals in Europe and South America. He illustrated more than a dozen books in Portugal, Spain and Brazil. Currently is a visiting professor at the master’s degree in illustration from I.S.E.C. and teaches illustration at Parsons School of Design in New York. Lives in Brooklyn where is secretly happy. 

Question! Exclamation? POINT (or, what we can do for words).


This workshop will provide you with the opportunity to experiment with a variety of materials, techniques, and formats in order to stimulate your creative thinking and visual vocabulary.


Upon leaving this workshop each participant will:- have entered into a conversation about the profession of illustration as it relates to ideas of education, tradition and methodology.- have the tools necessary to identify the best material/technique to solve an image/idea.- have the ability to defend the choices made in the creation of their illustration.

MATERIALS, TECHNIQUES and FORMATS (provided by André da Loba)

Papier Machê, Linoleum Print, Xerox transfer, Monoprint, Stencil, Pochoir, Collage, Giant Brushes, Sewing, Mixed Media, Scratchboard / waxboard, Cardboard, Wood, Cork, Branches, Rocks, Cups, Yarn, Wire, Glass, Acetate, Video /animation, Slides, Newspaper, Plain paper and other Objects…

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