2nd International Conference Art, Illustration and Visual Culture in Infant and Primary Education: Creative processes and childhood-oriented cultural discourses

The singular and plural coexist in daily life. The conference organizers are interested in how these forces interact and how this balance is achieved, or, how this relationship unfolds the past, builds on the present and is projected into the future.

The uniqueness of each person as a seed of collective identity (Memory and Memories) the individual expressions that manifest in collective expression (Author and Authors), the individual visual representations that participate in the collective discourse (Project and Projects), the manipulation of resources (Technology and Technologies), and engagement with experimental pedagogy (New Approaches to Education), are situations that we want to see explored within the theme of the conference. Foregrounded in submissions should be the acknowledgement of collective creativity and an empathy towards childhood – its memories, its challenges, and its opportunities for learning and growth.

Honour Committee

Ashfaq Ishaq – International Child Art Foundation – Washington, EUA
Henrique Cayatte – Designer/ Ilustrador / and President of Centro Português de Design, Portugal
Manuel Assunção – Dean of the Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal
Vasco Branco – Director of the Instituto de Investigação em Design, Media e Cultura [ID+]/Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal

Executive committee

Helena Barbosa (coordinator) - Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal
Joana Quental - Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal

Scientific Committee

Adriano Rangel – Faculdade de Belas-Artes da Universidade do Porto, Portugal
Álvaro Sousa – Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal
Carmen González Castro – Universidad de Granada, España
Clice de Toledo S Mazzilli – Universidade de São Paulo, Brasil
David Heras – Universitat Politècnica de Valencia, España
Eduardo Corte-Real – IADE – Instituto de Artes Visuais, Design e Marketing, Portugal
Fernando Hernandez Hernandez – Universitat de Barcelona, España
Fernando Miranda – Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes, UDeLaR, Montevideo, Uruguay
Francisco Providência – Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal
Graça Magalhães – Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal
Helena Barbosa – Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal
Imanol Aguirre – Universitat de Navarra, España
Joana Quental – Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal
Leonardo Charreu – Universidade de Évora, Portugal
M. Reyes González – Universitat de Granada, España
Noel Douglas – University of Bedfordshire, England
Nuria Rodriguez Calatayud- Universitat Politècnica de València, España
Paula Carbonell – Especialista en Literatura Infantil, España
Priscila Farias – Universidade de São Paulo, Brasil
Raquel Pelta – Universitat de Barcelona, España
Ricardo Reis – Universitat de Barcelona, España
Rosa Oliveira – Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal
Rui Costa – Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal
Steven McCarthy – University of Minnesota, USA
Susana Oliveira – Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, Portugal

Organising Committee

Álvaro Sousa – Universidade de Aveiro
Fábio Maricato – Universidade de Aveiro
Fernando Hernandez Hernandez – Universitat de Barcelona
Gonçalo Gomes – Universidade de Aveiro
Imanol Aguirre – Universidad Publica de Navarra
Lígia Afreixo – Universidade de Aveiro
M. Reyes González – Universidade de Granada
Miguel Ferraz – Universidade de Aveiro
Miriam Reis – Escola Superior Aveiro Norte da Universidade de Aveiro
Nuno Dias – Universidade de Aveiro
Olinda Martins – Universidade de Aveiro
Raquel Damas – Universidade de Aveiro
Rui Mendonça – Faculdade de Belas-Artes da Universidade do Porto
Teresa Franqueira – Universidade de Aveiro


Ana João
Ana Gil
Fábio Maricato
Inês Seixas
Íris Santos
João Infante
Lígia Afreixo
Mário Tavares
Raquel Ribeiro
Ricardo Martins
Rita Bento
Rita Moniz
Sara Melo